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Recreational, Developmental, and Competitive.
We have a place for everyone who wants to play.

Recreational Soccer (Division III)

This level of soccer is open to any player between the ages 3 to 18 years. The goal of this level is first and foremost to have fun and develop a love of the game, while introducing basic skills. Coaches in this level are all volunteers. We strive to provide our coaches with the assistance required to be successful, including classes and practice session ideas when necessary. Open registration for recreational soccer is held in the months preceding the Fall and Spring seasons, generally this means we register over the summer for the Fall, and during early January for the Spring.

Division II Soccer (D2)

This is the division for players who really enjoy and/or excel at recreational soccer and who have a desire for a higher level of competitive soccer. In Division II, teams regularly compete in travel/tournament play. Players in Division II are often very passionate about the game of soccer, and are receptive to more in depth training and development. While our program is expanding, and we seek to make this available to as many kids as possible, it is important to note that Division II teams are formed through a tryout process. Once teams are formed, teams will practice 2-3 times a week. Teams will travel in and out of Mississippi for tournaments.  Coaches at this level are generally paid for their time and hold higher level licenses. As a result, players (and parents) should be prepared for stronger time and financial commitments when compared to recreational soccer. These teams are often competitive and placed in competitive environments, however winning isn’t the main goal of Division II. The goal of Division II is the development of skills while teaching basic game tactics, with the aim of preparing each player to reach their full potential.

Division I Soccer (D1, Often referred to as “Select”)

Division I is the most competitive level of soccer in Brandon Futbol Club. All teams are formed through a tryout process and coaches are paid and licensed. Practices and games are more intense, and the focus on competitive abilities is higher.  Teams will attend several tournaments throughout the year and participation in league play through the Mississippi Soccer Association may be required. Division I players  are expected to be committed to making all practices, tournaments, and games.

TOP Soccer

We believe that everyone should have the ability to enjoy the beautiful game, and as such we are proud to offer TOP Soccer. This is our program for children with special needs. Our aim with this program is to allow children facing handicaps to play the game of soccer in a fun, friendly, and safe environment tailored to their needs. We ask for volunteers from throughout our league and our community to help with this program by simply making themselves available to be “buddies” for our players and to cheer them on.